Sorry Bob - 50,000 Geordies Are NOT Wrong!

Last updated : 08 May 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

It seems he has taken some stick on Twitter for it, and he is not a happy bunny.

Below is what he has to say, and he has every right to voice his opinion, just as 50,000 Geordies at St James' Park had the right to boo the current manager.

Bob Moncur:- I hear on Twitter I am being accused of being a “yes man” for Newcastle United.

Well, that comes to me as a bit of a surprise because I don’t really understand what a “yes man” is.

Is it somebody who has been asked to make a decision and you’ve said yes?

Well I can assure that I have never been asked to make a decision since I came back here 26 years ago.

I don’t understand the accusation. Yes, I do have an opinion. . .

My second point this week is that I confess to being a Newcastle United supporter.

I always have been and if my crime is that I want to see Newcastle win every game, every week then I am guilty.

I do not know the inside of the business world enough to tell Mike Ashley or anybody else that what they are doing is right or wrong.

It does not matter who has been in charge at the club.

Lord Westwood, Gordon McKeag, Sir John Hall, Freddy Shepherd or Mike Ashley – I have always wanted to see the club do well and supported them and the board on the basis that I would rather say something positive than negative.

I didn’t agree with the manager Alan Pardew being booed every time he got up on Saturday against Cardiff, I thought it was sad to see.

I also didn’t agree with the walk out on 69 minutes.

What is all that about?

Now as far the “Pardew out” campaign I think it has been a bit too strong.

He still after all is the manager of Newcastle United. As I said previously we should always support the man in that position.

He is manager of Newcastle and the abuse he’s been getting is way, way over the top.

It was very, very sad to see on Saturday.

And I think the reaction in this paper was too strong in my humble opinion with the pictures of fans saying “Pardew out” from all over the world.

It’s not an easy job, but that is the situation.

It’s not always easy to lure players to the North East.

A lot of players across Europe want to play in London.

Of course, when they come to Newcastle they fall in love with the place. But it is persuading them to come here first and it isn’t always straight-forward.

Just because he is manager of Newcastle United doesn't make him right, as Bob suggests.

The team - and the manager - get the backing when they deserve it.

We are not sheep - the days of applauding half-hearted players and a clueless manager are over.

The fans have had enough - and it's time those in high places realised it.