Portsmouth Fan Filmed Punching Police Horse After South Coast Derby (and Immediately Regretting It)

So, remember that guy a few years back? More specifically, that Newcastle fan? Who thought he was harder than a horse? Well, we've found another one, lads. Only this time he's from the south coast.

In the aftermath of Portsmouth's feisty Carabao Cup defeat to Southampton – the first time the local rivals have played each other since 2012 – a man, believed to be a Pompey fan, was seen engaging in equestrian combat as fans started to stirrup trouble after the mane event.

The incident was captured on film, and quickly circulated around social media, as this as of yet unidentified man became known as the Portsmouth horse puncher. At the start of the video, the man can be seen throwing hands at the horse as fans pile out of Fratton Park following the game. 

Quickly realising - well, 'quickly', let's not be too generous to the speed of thought of a man punching a horse - that he had more than met his match, the Portsmouth horse puncher then changed tack, turned and hoofed it down the road. 

Yes, that's right, he then attempted to outrun a horse, an animal whose number one function is running really, really fast, with obstacles and everything.

Needless to say the man had an absolute mare, the horse chasing him down with ease before allowing his police pals to descend on the man, batons and all, jockeying for position to be the one to restrain him on the floor. 

No official word has been given on his current status, but I think I speak for all of us when I say I hope he's saddled with a sentence which sends him down fur(a)long, long time, the terrible, terrible bloke – or at least has to pony up a large fine. 

On the pitch, it was the Saints who prevailed, and comfortably at that, with a 4-0 win coming thanks to a brace from Danny Ings and goals from Nathan Redmond and Cedric Soares.

Source : 90min