Having re-evaluated his approach to managing Newcastle United, Alan Pardew will receive the money he wants to make further changes in January.

Pardew has dropped heavy hints he wants more investment in January’s transfer window than was forthcoming in the last.

Although he says he will buy, it will be interesting to see if he dives straight in - which makes obvious sense - or have Mike Ashley wait until the last second of the window to get a bargain.

Or more times than not - get NOWT!

Alan Pardew: “This spell certainly made me question a few things we have done.

“Whenever you get a blip like that, it makes you get on your mettle and change a few things.

“We have changed quite a few things actually.

"I think it is also time for the board to have a little look at things as well.

"All of us have had to readjust a little bit. But I certainly wouldn’t say I have enjoyed the bad spell because I do not enjoy losing.

"I have been miserable.

“Most of the players have not had a lot of criticism since they have been at the club.

"At all football clubs, a degree of criticism will come your way at some stage.

"Maybe some players have been detached from that to this point but they have had their share now and quite rightly so.

“Hopefully we are getting the right response.

"That has certainly been the case for the last two league games.

“I do think the style of play changes a little bit when Hatem and Cabaye are in the side. When they are both missing, we have to look for a different route.

“I think we have found that route because we have had a bit more resilience in the last couple of league games, and a bit more energy in midfield.

“I have not really had any significant problems with Hatem.

"I think my experience of dealing with the likes of (former West Ham United players Yossi) Benayoun, (Carlos) Tévez, (Javier) Mascherano – who came over here in difficult situations – has helped.

“It is always good to have experience as a manager, you just must make sure you do not lose your drive and that definitely has not gone!”