NUFC Yank Website Needs Reality Check!

Last updated : 08 May 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

We see it on Football Focus and MOTD all the time, so called experts who know a lot about their own particular clubs, telling fans of OTHER clubs where they are going wrong.

Apart from Alan Shearer, what do they really know about Newcastle United that they don't get from the newspapers?

Alan Pardew is under fire right now, and I think the fans have been exceptionally placid to last so long, because I was giving him abuse for most of LAST season ... never mind this season!

There is an American website out there that nicks its articles from other websites, and the guy running it (an ex-pat apparently) gives his views from thousands of miles away on our club, but never sets foot in this COUNTRY never mind St James' Park!

What was the atmosphere like at St James' Park last Saturday? Well he certainly wouldn't know because he wasn't there!

"Oh, it seemed a bit nasty for that poor man Alan whats-his-name, who seems such a lovely bloke. Them nasty people in black and white were shouting at him! Disgusting."

You know the sort of thing.

He's sat at home, around the block from Disney World, with his 2st bugger in his mit watching it all on TV, telling the Geordies they shouldn't be so nasty.

Perhaps if he was at SJP for the derby, or at the Stadium of Shite to watch another Wear-Tyne defeat, he would understand more.

He should try the midnight Express bus to London for games against Fulham, or paying the train fair to Southampton, and skipping work on a Tuesday to get to a match in the Midlands.

But why should he? He's got it all on TV - four thousand miles away.

Mr Newcastle United Blog USA - come and smell the glove!

Today he says: "We know from emails we have received from supporters that some still support Alan Pardew, and they point out the players are also at fault – and that Mike Ashley didn’t help things at all by selling Yohan Cabaye.

"And for those who have not been brought up in Newcastle – like my son Neil – and other fans from around the world – they couldn’t quite believe the ferocity of the abuse the manager got on Saturday at St. James’ Park."


You might even like it.