No Right To Talk About Newcastle United!

Last updated : 29 May 2016 By Footy Mad - Editor

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Freddy Shepherd – Took a fortune out of the club in salaries, dividends and very expensive rented warehouses…then after ruining the club following the brilliant work by Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby, he made an even bigger fortune by selling us off into the hands of Mike Ashley. Yet still believes he is a man of the people.

NU-Mad - He was the man who sacked Sir Bobby, although even to this day, he says he was in hospital and knew "nothing about the sacking". He was chairman of the club - how the hell did he 'not know'? Nothing happens at SJP without the chairman knowing.

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John Carver – As assistant to Sir Bobby Robson he picked up an awful lot of reflected glory, then very low key under Alan Pardew. A shocking spell in charge of the team was only outdone by his appalling TV appearances where he managed to be even worse than Alan Pardew with his embarrassing/unbelievable comments

NU-Mad - This guy described himself as "the best coach in the Premier League". We describe him as arguably the worst manager in the history of NUFC - although Steve McClaren pushes him strongly for that honour.

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Joe Kinnear – Very rarely has he commented on Newcastle in recent times but I struggle to think of any person that I feel more embarrassed about when it comes to having been employed by and associated with, Newcastle United.

NU-Mad - Another Toon boss only too keen to sing his own praises. When his record shows he was the man who unofficially relegated us back in 2008. Alan Shearer had the honour of being the guy in the hot seat when the trap-door opened, but no fan could doubt the damage had already been done. Yet Kinnear claims we were in 13th place when he had his heart attack - which is untrue.

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Harry Redknapp – He knows nothing about Newcastle United and we don’t want to hear it.

NU-Mad - He was Mike Ashley's "first choice" when he bought the club, and offered him the job. Although Ashley later said "Keegan was alway's my first choice". Once again, a load of bollox! Redknapp WAS offered the job and he admits it - saying "I turned it down because there is something not right at that club. I don't think it is run well, so I said no." I don't have a problem with Redknapp, if I'm honest. He turned us down, granted, but he had the balls to say why, and who can argue with his reasons? The club is Ashley's 'play thing' - not a football club.

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Alan Pardew – He had his chance under Mike Ashley, given a job he never deserved he had a massive opportunity after fluking fifth. Could and should have forced Ashley’s hand to build on that unexpected success, instead he stood back as everything fell apart and still covered for his boss. Now he holds his hands up and says he had no other choice when at St James Park..he did.

NU-Mad - Pardew only got the job because of his gambling debts and his undying love to kiss Mike Ashley's arse. They met in a casino, Chris Hughton had gone public and doubted Ashley's devotion to the Newcastle cause - deal done! Pardew got the job and a poll in the Chronicle showed only 2% of Toon fans were happy with the appointment. He proved to be a liar and a disaster. Even when Jonas took the club to court - despite the lies and the obvious fact that Ashley DID insist the Argentinian should not sign a new deal - Pardew STILL backed Ashley saying Jonas was telling porkies. That was unforgiveable!

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Sir John Hall – See Freddy Shepherd above.

NU-Mad - Sir John saved our club and (unlike Ashley) had a genuine interest in Newcastle and the region. He wanted us to be the best in the world, and he put us on course to actually being that. He forked out a World Record transfer for Alan Shearer, that showed real commitment. But he does look back on his past with tinted glasses. He slammed Ashley's decision to rename SJP as "unforgiveable" but he wanted us to share a 80,000 seater stadium with the MACKEMS at Washington! It was knocked back and he replied: "You will all see in time that I was right to share a ground with Sunderland!"

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Paul Merson – The man who can’t stop telling us just much bigger a club Aston Villa are than Newcastle United. Enough said.

NU-Mad - He's a pundit and is paid for his opinions, so I don't have a problem with him. He says what he thinks and as he used to play for Boro and Villa it is sure to be a biased view. Are Villa bigger than Newcastle? We say NO ... Villa say YES. It's an opinion, no more or less.

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Richard Keys – Saw his comments in an article on The Mag this morning – backtracking now on his recent Rafa/NUFC comments. Somebody who makes a living in the media just because he always has.

NU-Mad - Didn't read the comments.

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Mark Lawrenson – After so many years of resentment after his failed short spell as Newcastle United’s defensive coach, Lawrenson appears to be belatedly trying for a bit of a charm offensive since Rafa’s appointment. Prefer it when he’s calling us…

NU-Mad - He must regret taking the job, but KK put him on the spot in front of the whole country - PUT UP OR SHUT UP - show the defenders what they are doing wrong or f*** off! He cannot look back on that with any satisfaction. But, once again, pundits are paid to give an opinion.

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Dennis Wise – It still seems beyond belief that not only did Mike Ashley give this poisonous dwarf a job at Newcastle, he then used him to undermine Kevin Keegan. Occasionally crawls out from under his stone to big up Ashley. The thought of him is enough to make your skin crawl.

NU-Mad - A true nobhead of the highest order. Suffers from "Little Man Syndrome" - he mouths off knowing nobody would smack a dwarf. What he did at Newcastle was more Ashley's fault. Ashley gave him the job - he took it.