No Racist Abuse At Newcastle

Last updated : 02 May 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

Is it still a problem in this country? Certainly not at Newcastle.

The problem of racism in football is in the spotlight again after a fan threw a banana at Brazil wing-back Dani Alves during Barcelona's win at Villarreal.

Alves' response - to peel and take a bite of the banana before carrying on with play - sparked a show of solidarity from his peers, who started posting pictures of themselves with bananas on social media websites.

Louis Saha: "Football needs to start handing out massive fines.

"And believe me, people would change their behaviour if that happened. Right now (the authorities) are scared.

"If (big fines) can be handed out to clubs whose fans are racially abusive then let's do it.

"That would be a big message to the world that this is not acceptable."