Mackems Getting Carried Away With Shearer Link!

Last updated : 06 May 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

He has a look of Andy Carroll in his early days ... but Alan Shearer?

Dream on!!!

21-year-old man-of-the-moment Wickham has had a good two weeks and shows potential, but he couldn't lace Shearer's boots.

What Wickham has done in this spell is what Shearer was doing week-in-week-out when he was 16.

Wickham has five goals in the last four games helping the Mackems collect 10 points to escape relegation.

E-Sunderland striker, manager and chairman Niall Quinn: “Well done to him. I think he can be Sunderland’s Alan Shearer – it is a high bar to set for him, but I believe he can.

“He has the chance now and he has the ability.

“I think he’ll want it more than ever now but I’d like to see him be the last out of the training ground.

“I’d like to see him perfect his art, I’d like to see him watch videos of people like Alan Shearer sneaking into the box as opposed to walking in a straight line and suddenly you’ve nowhere to go when the ball comes across.

“He could make things good for himself if he starts to look at what other players do and practises on the training ground.

“He needs to make curved runs into the box, lose his man, go one way or the other.

“He’s starting to do it but it doesn’t come from listening to people and allowing them to pat you on the back.

“It comes on the training ground and if he wants to be the top player his ability means he can be, then he needs to do that.”