Lack of effort gifts Wolves deserved victory

Last updated : 05 January 2003 By Martyn Elliott

Sir Bobby

"I think we completely wasted 45 minutes of football in the first half and went in at 2-2 and were lucky to do so - we got out of jail. At half-time there was only one team that was favourite to win that match in principle - and it wasn't Wolves.

"We lost the second half 1-0, yet we played better second half than in the first half.

"You have to give them a bit of credit - they ran their hearts out and played better than they have done for a number of matches. They were up for it and they got a mammoth victory.

"I am not just disappointed - I am sick. We have lost a gigantic game. I am cross, but I am trying to keep cool. The FA Cup is gone for us - it is history.

"I hope some of them are as sick as I am. Again we have conceded three goals away from home and it is really unexplainable - we are not defending as well as we do at home.

"Whether the players don't give their all I don't know. We have had words, cross words, we have been angry with each other.

"This was a cruel defeat for this club. Nothing hurts more than the defeat. We were poor in the first half. We never hurt anybody, we never got close to anybody, we weren't full of verve.

"We though the result would just come our way because we are in the Premiership and they are not, and in principal we have better players than Wolverhampton - but we didn't have better players out there than them.

"It's hurt us and I hope the players don't sleep tonight like I won't."

Alan Shearer

"Not enough of us were putting in the effort.

"I've lost count of how many times we have got ourselves back in the game this season and then committed suicide again.

"It is very disappointing but I have to say they deserved it. They played very well and we presented them with some great opportunities and they took them."

Dave Jones

"All I can ask for is to play good football. When we reach our peak we can match anyone, but we have not done that enough this season.

"When it comes off, you are a good coach; when it does not, you are a bad one.

"Today everyone at the club, players and staff, deserved all they got. We showed good ability and a determination not to give the ball away.

"Then we had our backs to the wall and people putting heads in and a foot in to keep the ball off the line.

"I though it was a bit harsh on us in the first half. We were a bit down after the penalty. I said to go out and do it all again. That's what they did and I can't fault anyone.

"The big one for us now is next Saturday at Walsall away. We have got to reproduce that.

"They will be in tomorrow and we will keep them going and put this result to bed."