Keegan Blasts Bust Up Rumours!

Last updated : 16 March 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor

Keegan: "Can I just say that most of the stuff written about this club is tosh, absolute rubbish and that's just another case.

"I get on really well with Mark, we've never had a bust-up with any player at this club, and that's the truth, he just hasn't been fit.

"He's come back from one thing and then got another thing and they've all been genuine. All the other stuff you've seen [written] is absolute garbage.

"He's my kind of player. I like him as a player. He's got this fantastic ability to score goals in tight situations and to score goals at important times. That's what wins you football matches.

"You saw Fernando Torres the other night score a goal (against Inter Milan) when a lot of players would have taken another touch and moved across, and Mark comes into that category. He doesn't need a lot of space, he can do the unexpected. It's a massive bonus having him back for the last 10 games.

"If we can have a fit Mark Viduka for the last 10 games, that'll be a huge bonus for us."

"When you look back over the season, when Michael has played with Mark, I think the results have been pretty good but, for different reasons, unfortunately they've not been paired together much.

"One's had an injury, then the other. Maybe for the last eight or 10 games we can look at a partnership there that's going to score goals. There's definitely goals in it. At the moment, it looks as though he'll definitely be involved.

"We've tried to work on fitness and bringing him back in a way that doesn't blast him out. We can't be too intense with him. So far that's good. He's trained. We've always erred on the side of caution up to now, but come Saturday and Sunday, he should be ready."