Juventus – who said what?

Last updated : 24 October 2002 By Martyn Elliott

ANDY GRIFFIN told the Journal

"It was my goal and too right I am claiming it. There was a bit of luck involved but I don't score many so I'm having that one.

"It was only the second goal I have scored since I came to Newcastle if you don't count that own-goal against Blackburn Rovers!"


"That goes down as one of my greatest Newcastle victories.

"We must take pride in the fact that we have defeated one of the most powerful teams in Europe and a side which had not tasted defeat this season.

"My players showed incredible resolve and tenacity to get us back into this group and if we can show those same qualities against Kiev and Feyenoord then who knows what we might achieve?"


"The very least we deserve from these two games against Juventus is three points. We knew that if we kept on working and kept on playing like we did in the first three games, we would be all right.

"We have something to aim for. Feyenoord have lost in Kiev and we know that when we go there for our last game it will be a real fight."

STEVE HARPER told the Evening Chronicle

"Early on that was a bad moment for me. But Nedved was hiding behind Titus Bramble and I didn't see him.

"Titus is a big lad and he completely obliterated Nedved. But to be fair to Titus, he dropped his shoulder and did enough to put Nedved off.

"That was a big moment and when it went for me I just thought it was going to be my night."


"I have never played in a bigger game than this.

"Just to be on the same pitch as the likes of Alessandro Del Piero and Lilian Thuram is unbelievable.

"But to end up on the winning side is amazing."


"I wouldn't have minded having a bet Andy Griffin would've been the first goalscorer. He had a great game but then everyone did.

"If we play in the next two games like we did last night I'm sure we'll have a chance."


"A couple of chances went amiss for them and we took one of ours. It was an incredible game and we were very happy when the final whistle went. It certainly ranks alongside the best games I've played in for Newcastle."


"From what I've seen, they've certainly got the will from the players and the club to do it

"My opinion has not changed.

"If they win their remaining matches, they can go through, and they will try to do that."