Is Kinnear The Only Man Who Believes A Word Ashley Says?

Last updated : 05 February 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
Ashley has been in hiding since Kevin Keegan did his famous walk, but the Newcastle owner is back ... well for this week at least!

And who says so? Well ... not the man himself ... but his puppet, Joe Kinnear.

Joe Kinnear: "Mike will be back in Newcastle today. He definitely wants to become more hands on in the running of his football club.

"He has been in Newcastle three days a week and that will be a regular thing from now on.

"He wants to see how things work and he's committed to a fortnightly major meeting between everyone at the club so that we can start moving things in the right direction.

"It is a new world for him. Over the last week or so we've had him down at the training ground talking to the players, eating his lunch with them and giving them the kind of reassurances on their contracts and their future that they've needed to hear.

"He hasn't seen players train and work first hand before but he told me it has opened his eyes, and he's definitely willing to back up his words.

"I know people still have to be convinced about things but there is a sense of unity at the club now.

"The guys at the top know they need to communicate better, which is why they are speaking to the two local papers. I think they will sit down with supporters' groups and fans and the people of Newcastle at the end of the season - I know they want to do that.

"When I came in I kept getting caught between different people wanting different things but hopefully that has now disappeared and we can start to look forward."