If James Perch Is A Premiership Player - I'm The King Of Old Siam!

Last updated : 17 August 2010 By Footy Mad - Editor

And it was fun for a while, but then the match started.

Chris Hughton's side left the pitch having been given a reminder, if they needed one, of the gulf between those at the top of the division ... and those at the bottom.

In the Championship, Hughton's players knew if they matched their opponents physically, the rest would take care of itself given the quality in their ranks.

However, the Premier League is a different proposition altogether, because it does not favour players who only have effort and endeavour to call upon.

And that brings me onto new signing James Perch - who has been a shocking liability in pre-season - and now he faces the prospect of life in the Premiership ... and teams that now have something to play for.

OK, a pre-season fixture (at the end of the day) doesn't mean Jack-shit! But will we have Chris Hughton playing Perch week-in-week-out (like he did with Leon Best last season) trying to PROVE he was right in signing him?

The priority of any full-back is to stop the winger getting in crosses from the flank - and Perch doesn't even TRY to close down the wide-man.

He stands ten yards away and INVITES the player to swing the ball into the middle.

His position sense is 'poor' at best, seeming to drift up field or into the middle without any purpose. He's terrified to get hold of the ball, and always half-heartedly offers himself as an option for a pass, rather than trying to take the bull by the horns.

I don't think I have ever seen a player so terrified on a football field. It's as though he's about to shit his pants if someone passes to him.

Hughton is sure to say "give him time". But he has produced NOTHING to suggest he deserves a place in that team.