Fans Don't Know The Rules? Shearer Disagrees!

Last updated : 26 November 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

From Wes Brown's sending off for the Mackems to Kevin Mirallas' yellow card for Everton in the Merseyside derby, it wasn't a comfortable weekend to be a referee.

We all know referees don't have the benefit of slow-motion instant replays, and have only their assistant referees with whom they can consult for input.

And often times the referee's view of an incident is not ideal, and can be blocked by other players.

Yet both referees saw the tackles by Brown and Mirallas from a view far closer than the cameras in the stands ... and they got both drastically wrong.

Should Wes Brown have been sent off for Sunderland? No.

Should Kevin Mirallas have been red carded for his horrible tackle on Luis Suarez? Absolutely.

However, radio reporter Jason Devos blames the supporters!

Jason Devos: "What makes a referee's job more difficult, though, is that the vast majority of fans (and even some professional players, coaches and analysts!) do not fully understand the laws of the game.

"Case in point: Arsenal's penalty kick in their game against Southampton.

"Replays showed that Fonte did indeed have a handful of Mertesacker's jersey, that he impeded the German international from reaching the ball. Clattenburg was absolutely correct to award a penalty kick.

"Yet it didn't stop the inevitable outcry on Twitter.

"Regardless of your opinion as a fan of the beautiful game, the FIFA laws of the game are very clear on what constitutes a foul, and in particular, a direct free kick. "

Fans (as well as players, coaches and anyone else who watches the game) would do well to familiarize themselves with FIFA's laws of the game."

Yet when Gus Poyet called for the referee to apologise, the anchor-man on MOTD said: "But shouldn't they get praised when they are right?"

To which Alan Shearer replied: "It is their JOB to get RIGHT!"

And I couldn't agree more! If they CANNOT MANAGE to get it right, they shouldn't hold the position! 

Meanwhile Shearer shot down 'Super Gob' Robbie Savage on the same programme with a brilliant reply.

Savage called Man Utd saying: "Some of those players are NOT Manchester United players; they aren't good enough."

Shearer: "Yep, just as you (Savage) weren't! Man Utd sold you!"