Dalglish Says Ashley Should Kiss And Make Up!

Last updated : 02 November 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

sKenny Dalglish: "The best thing the owners and the local media they've banned can do is shake hands and go back to square one - they need each other

"Sometimes, your job brings you into contact with people that you don’t really like.

"It happens in most walks of life and areas of business, and it certainly happens in football.

"I understand some of the outrage about the way Newcastle have banned the local Evening ­Chronicle and its sister papers, The Journal and the Sunday Sun, from St James’ Park.

"But I can also see why Mike Ashley and others at the club might have felt things had got personal over the coverage of the recent protest march and they needed to respond.

"I generally had a good ­relationship with the local media in Liverpool, Blackburn and Newcastle when I was the manager in those cities.

"I understood that they had a job to do.

"I hoped they would be supportive, but I also accepted they had to be objective over matters on the pitch.

"There is room for objectivity. It’s just that different people have different definitions of what that is.

"But there are some elements of the press that think they have a god-given right to say what they want without any consequences.

"The fact is that is not always going to happen. Sometimes there will be repercussions. That’s life. Not just football.

"That doesn’t mean that the stand-off between the club and the local papers is not ­unfortunate. It is. The Chronicle is incredibly important in Newcastle - it is the bible for the majority of Newcastle fans.

"Newcastle United is not like Manchester United or Liverpool, which attract elements of their support from all over the world.

"A high percentage of ­Newcastle’s fan base comes from the city and many get their information about the club from The Chronicle and its sister papers.

"But the fact is, even though the team has not made an great start to the season, it could be worse. There are more worries about a lack of ambition because the club did not buy anyone in the summer transfer window.

"But I’m sure the owners would point out they spent a lot last January and that those players are still settling in.

"Newcastle have got a difficult game against Chelsea today but they are mid-table. Things are being made to look worse than they are by the row with the Chronicle and its sister papers.

"The media has to be objective, yes, but they also have a responsibility to work with people in the football world.

"The best thing Newcastle’s owners and the local media could do is shake hands and go back to square one.

"They need each other. They don’t have to like each other but they need to rebuild their working relationship, rebuild a little respect and get on with it."