Coppell Getting Desperate To Sell Shorey!

Last updated : 03 August 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
Wanting a quick sale, Coppell said three weeks ago ... "If anyone wants to buy Nicky Shorey they have until Friday, then all deals are off."

No-one made an offer and Coppell is now having a rethink.

A year ago a £4million offer from West Ham was rejected, but with the Upton Park club as well as Portsmouth, Newcastle and Aston Villa back in the frame ... the Reading boss knows the clock is ticking down on the transfer window.

Coppell: "To be fair to Nicky Shorey, he has made it clear from this time last year that he would prefer to leave and ply his trade elsewhere.

"We as a club have an asset and it is a delicate balancing act between trying to satisfy the demands of the player and also trying to satisfy the demands of the football club.

"We had a good talk yesterday, there was a little bit of interest last week and the chances are he will be gone by next week. I am 60-40 convinced that he will be gone.

"The offer was a firm one but we have no need to sell anyone and I'm not going to give anyone away.

"It has to be a realistic bid in terms of market valuation, and bear in mind that 12 months ago he was coming off the back of playing two games for England against Brazil and Germany.

"I don't feel disposed to let him go for nothing. I appreciate it is a year on from that particular moment, but as yet the valuation is not what we find acceptable.

"I have been fairly fair with Shorsey and he accepts the situation so clarity would be best for everybody.

"We are in that ridiculous situation that if nobody comes in for him then he will still be here.

"I would dearly love him to be playing for us as he is a significant player for us.

"So there are about three balls up in the air for us and it is unsatisfactory for him, for us and for everybody."