Bellamy set for February return

Last updated : 07 December 2003 By Martyn Elliott

The Welshman isn’t always appreciated by all United fans, but his value to the team has never been clearer than during his current absence.

Bellamy’s pace and creativity have been sorely missed, with most opponents able to work out how to play against our current attack pretty quickly and Alan Shearer forced to get his goals from far fewer chances than he has been used to in the last two seasons.

Let’s hope that his latest operation will finally put an end to the injury worries that have disrupted his career and badly affected our hopes of challenging for honours.

Meanwhile, Bellamy has been attempting to win an award for being Britain’s worst dressed man, appearing on Sky Sports in a simply appalling brown suit that left him looking like an extra from Starsky & Hutch.

But for once he did use his mouth to say something sensible, when asked about ex-Mag Dietmar Hamann.

"We are lacking a player like him,” he said. “He is an exceptional player and we would love to have a player like him.

"He protects the back four like Roy Keane does for Man U and Vieira does for Arsenal."

I’m always loathed to say anything good about Hamann, but if you consider how good Liverpool centre-back Sami Hyypia looks when the German plays. compared to when he is absent, it tells its own story.