Beckham The 'Money Grabber' Heads Back To Hollywood!

Last updated : 27 March 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor

Daily Mail: "You're a money-grabbing has-been so toddle back to Hollywood and retirement

"How much exactly did the kind people of adidas pay you to sully the occasion of your 100th England cap by wearing white boots for the warm-up and a hideous golden pair for the match?

"Yes, you're an international showman, who has served his country well. But you're also a money-grabbing has-been, who can't resist an easy buck.

"Tuck your 100 caps under one arm, heave your wallet into the nearest wheel-barrow and kindly toddle off back to Hollywood.

"Such crass antics are applauded there as good, old Yankee ingenuity. It's the American way, apparently."