Asprilla Used To Wind Up Keegan!

Srnicek had two spells at St James' Park but is best known for the 149 appearances he made for the club during the 1990s, as Newcastle progressed from also-rans in the second tier to title contenders in the Premier League.


Pavel Srnicek: "Once Tino walked into the dressing room pretending to be Kevin Keegan.

"He started announcing the team, going through all the numbers. And when he did this, Kevin was standing right behind his back.

"We're all falling about laughing. He turns around, looks at the gaffer but just carries on.

“During your career you play for a lot of clubs but not many can stay in your heart. Newcastle will always be in my heart

"Asprilla had this character, where he didn't give a monkey's about anything. He just wants to enjoy life, that's his character.

"I was very young when I joined the club - the communist regime had just ended in the Czech Republic, and I left just after this.

"I came to a new country, didn't know the culture, the life, the language and I had my family and a three-year-old daughter with me. It was a really hard beginning.

"But the longer I stayed at Newcastle, I loved it more and more."