Allan Saint-Maximin Schools His Dog With Garden Keepie-Uppies Because Self-Isolation

When one particular online fad has been exhausted, the best course of action is to either bin it indefinitely or at least rehash it in a certain way to maintain its relevance and propel to excitement further.

Toilet roll keepie-uppies is approaching its sell-by date. It's been done to death, and we as social media scrollers and bored consumers need another form of footballing entertainment to prevent our brains some turning into mush.

This is why Allan Saint-Maximin is a gift from above. 

Not only is he supremely talented and one of the ​Premier League's 'X-Factor' stars, he's clearly got a sense of humour that sets him apart from the run-of-the-mill, media-trained footballers who offer little other than 'the most important is the three points' as soon as a microphone is placed in front of them.

What a breath of fresh air Saint-Maximin is. If you've been keeping up with his social media presence (if you haven't, start now) then you'll have seen him already give his children the run around with a football. Well, he's moved from helpless infants and ​onto canines now.

In his rather glorious garden, his desperate dog does his best to claim possession of the football, only to be left powerless to the ​Newcastle ace's keepie-uppie abilities.

With every attempt to snatch the ball away, he's left bemused by some pawesome tekkers. Nevertheless, they clearly have a special bond, and there is no doubting they're friends furever.

While there is no surprise at his skill level, the most shocking aspect of the whole clip is the distinct lack of any headband. Like, seriously, you become known as 'rapid footballer with the head gear', and then proceed to lose to attire? Yes, I'm fully aware that I'm analysing someone's appearance in video of him and his dog but it's weird to see him without it.

What can be said, however, is that during these times, we need more of Saint-Maximin. More Twitter uploads, more hilarious social media banter and more making a mockery of his powerless pooch. What a guy.

Source : 90min